In July, I briefly met up with my Dad and company in Paris for a couple of days. In that time we zipped around, attempting to complete our jam-packed checklist. Whilst ticking off the big-boys like the Eiffel Tower, we also stumbled across some hidden gems whilst wandering through the backstreets:


Taking inspiration from the iron-clad Eiffel Tower, I wanted to produce a palette that focused on the orange hue of the ferrous metal, and how this is complemented by the acidic green foliage that decorates Paris. Shots are of the cafés, markets and bars that we encountered whilst roaming. The final three are unmistakably of the Pompidou exterior.


Paris in pastel. Some shots that celebrate the peachy, warm weather and the turquoise blues of the sky. The roofscape was taken from the 5th floor of the Pompidou. The church is the famous Sacré-Cœur, located in Montmatre.



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