Berlin has a fascinating collection of Modernist, Brutalist, and Industrial architecture, the composition of which has been directly influenced by the historical injections of vying ideologies that occupied the two halves:


In this flying visit of Berlin, I spent the majority of the my time exploring the communist and industrial architecture of East Berlin, namely the area surrounding Karl-Marx Allee, the main avenue extending from Alexanderplatz.

Following the theme of brutalism, I hopped on the S-Bahn then U-Bahn the next day to go gawk at a marvelous sci-fi-brutalist tower in the southwestern area. The tower, already impressive enough on its own, was connected to a once-planned transport and shopping hub, structurally entwined with an overpass. The hub had a consistent design: the colour-scheme, building materials and composition were all cohesive and seemlessly integrated with the underground station, documented in the U-Bahn collection.

B&W post-production allowed me to create a series of geometrically distinctive images that I feel emblemises the restricted philosophy of design that the brutal communist architecture and juxtaposed industrial buildings share: Function over Form.


This is a smaller collection that celebrates the muted cubism-like palette of communist planned architecture, with flagship colours of yellow ochre, salmon pink and teal.


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