During the end of summer and throughout autumn, I was commissioned to shoot multiple images of iconic Scottish landmarks for a national brand campaign of full height wraps of 6 of the Edinburgh Tram’s fleet, and 12 vans:


The final composites promote the extensive range of the company across Scotland, by juxtaposing landmarks of locations at either ends of the country. In each I provide one or more of the major components of the final image. These images are of medium resolution to ensure limited potential usage.



Promotional shot courtesy of CR Smith. This shot highlights the implementation of the images on the tram wraps. The decals show a technical feat for myself with regards to capturing high quality, high resolution images, that still hold up at this size of print.




After the onslaught of exams had ended, a bunch of us headed up to the Scottish Highlands, specifically the Cairngorms. We stayed in a lodge in a close to Aviemore, which was our base-of-operations, so to speak. From here we went off to do rock-climbing, gorge-scrambling, and some hill walking:



We used up our Sunday to climb a huge hill-range near to us. The cloud layer was low and dense that day, so the last 100m up to the summit had us completely submerged in fog, which was super atmospheric. 30km later, we arrived back at the base with sore feet, but pleased with the walk we’d just finished.

Over the next few days we took it easier and headed through one of the valley forests to go for a swim in a nearby loch. I and two other brave/stupid boys, went for a dip. The other three, being concerned for our safety, ran off with our clothes! After we’d negotiated them back, a brutal pine-cone war commenced: we still hadn’t forgiven them. Once wounds had been dressed by the medics in our group, we set off home.