This was my first time visiting Berlin, and because of my company I was mainly restricted to playing the tourist. These shots were taken on the move with an iPhone and Canon Powershot, so understandably casual. My 2017 collections are much more photographically minded! Written retrospectively:

BERLIN 2015 // SCOUT // B&W

Black and white shots from around Central Berlin. One afternoon included a walk over to the Bauhaus Museum, the Gemäldegalerie, Bauhaus museum and the Holocaust Memorial. We then continued around the go-to sights of Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag. Staying rubber banded to the Spree we strolled around the Tiergarten to the northwestern corner.

The 1957 Interbau, was an architecture collaboration project located in the Hansaviertel, an area sandwiched between the heart of the Tiergarten and the river Spree. The first image in the collection is of one of the tower blocks constructed in the Hansaviertel, but apparently was not an original building to the Interbau. The area originally was intended to show off the prosperity of the west during Berlin’s occupation, but hasn’t been maintained well since it’s conception. Signs of revitalisation are now seeping in.


Some de-saturated shots taken on the aforementioned routes. The first two images are from the Holocaust Memorial -you may recognise the blocks if you’ve been there yourself. Last two are skylights from the Gemäldegalerie.